How to Not Be a Jerk When Prospecting

Have you ever met that lady or man that is a jerk when they are prospecting? In this article, I am going to talk with you about how to not be a jerk when prospecting.

Network marketing is a relationship business, but oftentimes people do not get that when they are just beginning, and some people never get it. Some people’s businesses are built off of pure brute force and going through the numbers, but these people also have a high attrition rate and people often leave their teams in droves.

What Posture Really Means

Network marketers often hear about having posture and not letting the prospect have the upper hand. Some people take this too far and become a jerk when they are prospecting. They talk to their prospects about how bad jobs are and how it is really an acronym for “just over broke” or “journey of the broke”. How likely do you think these prospects are going to be to join your business if you are insulting their life choices? That’s right, highly unlikely.

What posture really means is that you have confidence in the business model you have chosen for yourself. If it is good enough for your family, wouldn’t it be good enough for someone else’s family? Of course, it would be.

As you are working toward success in MLM, remember to stay humble while you are confident, and you will have the most success. Short-term success is great but long-term success is even better. This is where you create true residual income and life-long friendships.

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